How soon is too soon for a guy to be friends with his ex?

If a guy dated a girl on and off for about a year (but they argued a lot and spent maybe half that time mad at each other/in a fight, including a 2 month hiatus) and then broke up cause she wanted marriage right away and he didn't... how soon is too soon for him to be "friends" with her 4 months after the break up? Should I worry about the fact his and ex him talk and are friends still? How do i know if he's over her?


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  • It's always been a rule of mine to have minimal to no contact with an ex. It depends how often and for how long they are talking. The best way is to set up some boundary with him about it. There are so few circumstances where being friends with the ex is a healthy idea when you are in a new relationship. Just trust your gut instinct over whether he is over her or not. If you even have to ask that questions tends to make me believe a part of you think he still does. Even when my gf has had the odd conversation with the ex I never got the feeling she was still into them.


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