How do I know I should break up?

I am having a hard time deciding weather to break up with my gf. On one hand she is awesome she does everything for me, I am having issues telling the difference between if I love her for her or if I just love what she does for me, I am tearing myself apart trying to tell the difference. I am tearing myself apart so much that I am taking it out on her, and to be honest I don't think she die raves that so I want to end it. Any advice? She is awesome I am starting to think I don't care about her as much as she does for me. Another issues I am starting to look at her faults a lot the ones I used to look past, I need some really good advice about what to do?


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  • Tell her you appreciate how good she is to you and that she is a great girlfriend, but you are starting to feel like your feelings for her are changing and you think you would be better as friends. That you want her to move on and find someone who can feel the same way about her that she feels about them.

  • Your doubts are an indication that she is not the right one. Listen to your gut feeling.


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