My boyfriend broke up with me for no apparent reason! I'm so hurt and confused, can anyone help?

So I was dating this guy for a few months. We have a lot in common and a very strong physical and emotional connection. I've opened up to him in so many ways and he with me. He'd always tell me how much fun he has with me and how he loved talking to me, how sexy, beautiful and interesting I was. He was great with my family and friends and I was with his.

Everything was going fine and suddenly over the course of 3 days he started pulling away. It got really bad after an argument that we got into. I was pressing him to explain what the issue was but I never got a full explanation.

Then the other night he apologized and asked to talk in person. Of course I knew what that meant (basically breaking up with me) and so I was extremely upset. The only explanation he gave me was "I'm really confused about a lot of things right now." And "I don't even understand it myself." Later that night he said "ugh. I'm so confused goodnight <3 :(" We still haven't seen each other in person and he refuses to talk on the phone because he said he'd rather "be a man and do it in person"

He really hasn't been talking to me much but yesterday he told me that he missed me.

What is going on here? Why can't he just explain to me what's going on? Do you think he's really confused or just trying to spare my feelings?
I'm so hurt!


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  • What's likely happening is that he has to come to grips with the fact that what he thinks he's in love with may not actually be the girl he was in a relationship with if that makes any sense.

    • Like I'm not the girl he thought I'd be?

    • When we fall in love, we tend to form idealized versions of the person we're in love with, focusing on the good things about them and overlooking their flaws. If he doesn't have a good idea of just how upset you were because of this, I can tell you it's something he'll be interested in hearing.

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  • have y'all ever got into it?

    • his communication level is low try hard and hard to try and stick together.

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  • First off, don't assume he is breaking up with you because you are going through a rough patch. Did he ever say he was breaking up with you? And also, real relationships have hardships that both people have to work through together. Let him know you are there for him whatever he is going through.


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