Is this it? Should I accept he's done?

My boyfriend ended it with me on Monday he said our relationship changed, he wasn't happy, bored & wanted to be free, but he kept giving mixed signals saying a break and ATM he don't want to be with me, and on Tuesday blocked me from everything to prevent me talking to him, I was trying & trying to not get him to leave! I did make a new fb account because I couldn't bare it. And I sent him so many messages over the past few days, but he ignored me, and now he's blocked that account. He said he loved me but how could he do this to me? He is already talking to other girls, I can't bare the thought of him being with anyone but me! He was so perfect as a boyfriend! what should I do now:(I want him back, but he's stubborn and I think this is it for us:( we was together for two years, had a great relationship, he was my first love and real relationship, he was my first everything... I'm devistated! I generally don't think I'll be able to find anyone like him or no one will compare to what we had!
I feel completely lost & empty! I tried to talk to another boy but blocked him straight away because I don't want no one else! It's not right us not being together or not talking! I miss him so much! I just don't get how after everything he's acting how he is!
& he Saud before breaking up with me he still loves me, so


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  • I think your exaggerating some of the points about just loosing a boy.
    Just think about it, he has said it's over and is already moving on, it seems you need to do the same and the way to do that is to forget everything to do with this guy and look at everyone else in a positive way. The way you blocked that new guy was a bit harsh, just cos someone broke up with you doesn't mean you should be so harsh and mean to other people.
    The thing is your probably going to compare every boy to your ex bf. Which will mean you focus on everyone's negative aspects and your ex's positive points. Which isn't good because you need to forget him and by constantly thinking about how ""amazing"" he is won't help. You don't want noone else because your comparing everyone to your ex, you just need to forget him, open your eyes and opinions to what everyone else has to offer and it will be easy.
    Your mentality about not finding anyone else is what will drag you down.
    And if you continue going about stalking him, that's what it sounds like your going to drive him mad, your going to drive yourself mad and insane and you could end up in lots of trouble.

    Trust me, forget about him and look at the other positive attributes that other guys have, not those similar to your ex, because if you always compare them to your ex and say if it's not like my ex then your not having them, well in that case you will not find anyone.
    Stop comparing them to your ex and think about how good they are at other things.

    Hope this helps.

    • I broke up with him Tuesday night I'm not interested in other boys at all its too soon! I wasn't mean or rude to him to the boy, it just didn't feel right talking to someone else. It's hard to not compare other boys to him because to me he was perfect, in so many ways! I know for a fact there won't be any others like him, he gave me so much, and considering he's the one I've experienced everything with, it's a little harder to up & move on. It's not that I want them to be like him, I want him! That's all!

    • It's not wrong or bad to take your time, but it's unfair on everyone, including yourself to compare every boy to your ex, because no one will be like him. So your just going to end up rejecting everyone and continue to think that your ex is perfect.
      To get over him you need to believe and think that he isn't perfect, that way you'll accept other guys. Do you understand, because your saying he's perfect and then comparing everyone to him, that means that no one will be perfect to you, but your ex. Which is why your finding it hard to get over him. If you believe he is perfect and nothing else, well then no one else can be perfect for you, unless you change the way you think.
      Although your saying you don't want anyone to be like him, but you want him you should forget it. Your wasting your time, especially after basically stalking him as well as the fact your blocking these other guys cos they aren't like your ex. This is for your own good.

      Hope this helps

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  • He is an a*hole. Dot.

    Girl, move on. I know it's hard, but you gotta do it at some point. He doesn't want to talk to you what is a shame. Cause if I was you I would demand more explanations, mainly cause he was your first everything, right? So I guess what you guys had was a strong thing. It does make sense you want him back, seeing frm this point of view. But the reality is that is has turned into an a*hole in the moment he considered doing this to you in such a bad way. He should have had a real and frank talk to you. You deserve to know what went wrong. At same time you gotta be strong and understand that if he doesn't love you anymore you just have to move on and be sure that you are gonna find someone who is a real man and treats you like you deserve to be treated.

    • He treated me how I deserved, he was such a good boyfriend, and I honestly mean most girls would die to have someone like him! he said he still loves me.. but how can he if he's done this:/

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  • You need to get it through your head: IT'S OVER. Move on.

  • Just accept it.


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  • Time to pick up the pieces, heal your broken heart and move on. If he is already talking to girls with a relationship in mind, he's been thinking about this for a while. Sounds like a guy who is not mature enough to commit to one girl or is not willing to settle with just one. I know your heart is shattered, most of us who have been in your shoes know how you feel. Unfortunately he has made up his mind, he sees his future apart from yours.

    Time for a reality check, that reality is that you need to let him go because pretty much nothing that you can do is going to chang his mind. If you really want to know his real reasons for the breakup you might be able to sit down with him and talk about it. Don't think for a moment that he will change his mind over this, he wants to end things so it's time to be a "Big Girl" let him go. If he won't talk to you try writing a letter that you don't send, sometimes it helps to put your feeling s in writing. If anything it will help you to move on.

    Getting yourself so worked up over this isn't helping you either, it's not hurting him one bit, but it is hurting you deeply. Be patient, allow your heart to heal, try to learn from this breakup so you can be a better girlfriend for the next guy.

    Lots of us have been right where you are right now, we know how it feels like the world has just come to an end. Don't let it, allow it to begin a new chapter in the book of you.

  • Did he tell you that he's bored with you? That is very rude.

    • Not of me, of the relationship I think.. he just said things weren't the same & he don't want it anymore

  • U deserve and Can do way better just live your life and have fun do what u love to do and move on


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