Why is he being like this? GUYS, what do you think I should do?

My ex and I have had lots of fights since we broke up over 4 months ago. When we were together, we were perfect. Acted like an actual married couple, really. But now we're up and down and back and forth and we are rarely on good terms.

About 3 weeks ago, he stopped texting me in the middle of a conversation. Nothing unusual and I expected he'd answer the next day. Well he didn't. He didn't answer until a week later on the day I had a serious doctor appointment which made me feel a lot better that he didn't seem to be ignoring me. He said the only reason he wasn't talking to me is that he'd been busy getting ready for Christmas. That was believable, but now I think he was lying.

A few days ago, he texted me again. He started a fight. That was the first time he had texted me in 2 weeks (other than the day of my appointment, which was only one message). He said I was being annoying and obsessive. I was texting him like two or three times a day because he wasn't answering. How is that annoying and obsessive? He was ignoring me, thus causing me to text him to see if he'd ever answer.

So the fight ended badly and he still hasn't answered. What do I do? What can I say to him? Why is he acting like this? Any help is appreciated. Thank you
This is completely out of character for him and he's never acted like this to anyone. The reason of the breakup is still a mystery and I doubt he even knows why he broke up with me because he has never given a sensible answer.
His (our) friends have been trying to help and no one has gotten anything out of him except that he wants to stay friends for now, which is fine with me.
Neither of us have had a relationship since then and it's pretty obvious that neither of us have moved on yet.


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  • well , you need to find the problem. maybe he is texting another girl or something ! but i would love if my gf text me :) i dnt feel that it would be annoying or obsessive.. well do you really love him now?

    • Yes I love him!
      And him texting a girl isn't likely. He isn't one to chase girls and he doesn't seem to have moved on either
      Thanks, though

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    • hmm ! strange i am sorry i dont have an answer for that

    • It's fine :-/

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  • He is moving on. He still has love for you, but its been 4 months. He is obviously seeing someone or some others that spark his interest. He's not coming back and the best thing you can do is find something that makes you happy and put all your focus there. If he misses you and wants to get back with you then he'll be back and show it, but the amazing thing is you will be content and happy enough in your own life you won't miss him or want him back.

    • I agree with all of that except about him moving on. It's pretty obvious that neither of us have moved on to everyone at school and they're even asking why we are still apart

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  • Just move on that relationship seems toxic and it's only going to cause you unneeded stress

    • Read the update

    • It still seems toxic I would suggest moving on because unless be will sit down and talk about your relationships issues like an adult you guys won't get anywhere

    • Thanks (I don't think I can move on any day soon but I'll see about getting him to seriously talk with me)

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  • you're still so in love but he's not anymore. Open your eyes! you're too blinded. He's not into you. So stop trying. Stop chasing him! *this makes me sad*

    • Well I'm sad too so I guess this sucks for you

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    • Sure I did. And sure you're not. :) Probably, your friends have told you enough of this. The answer- you're not going to find here.

    • Not from you. Bye.

  • He is your ex, you have your answer.

    • That's not my answer. That has nothing to do with what I'm asking.

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    • We are answering your questions, you are just hearing answers you don't want to hear. Why should you be worried about what to say to a rude ex that clearly doesn't like you or genuinely care for you? Anyway you are hard to deal with, I'm done 'helping you'

    • Good because none of what you're saying is making sense and you're just getting rude. Bye.

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