How to move on from a relationship?

So i called my ex and apologized for what i did and she said that she wants me out of her life.

Back story in updates

It hurts that she's gone but what is worse is the guilt i feel because she has to suffer so much for what i had done. I realize that guilt is like God's way of punishing you when you dont get punished.. because like honestly i feel that what i had done deserves a wayyyyyy more severe punishment. (eg getting punched/death... lol jk) but you get my point. but it feels horrible... the guilt that is. this is the first time i have love someone so much and it sucks because i have never hurt someone so much either. what are some ways to move on?
so i can't paste a link here. its in the previous question i had asked.


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  • Going through the same thing but he hasn't said he wants out yet. I can't eat or sleep and when I saw him he didn't want to c me but he was mad at his dad at the time. But still it hurts and I'm so forgiving. I apologize and everything but nothing. I wish I knew

    • @kellyart just give him space for now. maybe some time off is what he needs. maybe when things cool down alittle then ask him for closure. :) i hope everything goes smoothly

    • That's so hard to do😭 ugh I just want to kiss him and hit him at the same time

    • Yeah man i totally feel you. How i wish i could just sweep her off her feet kiss her and make everything ok again. I wish that this was all just a nightmare but reality sucks monkey ballz. i have to move on cause it's what's best for her. you on the other hand still have hope in your relationship. Take it slow... @kellyart

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