Leave your gf because you think " you can do better "?

So is it a good idea to leave someone you fell in love with because you now feel that you can "do better" and getting more attention from many girls? I know that im not perfect neither will i find a perfect girlfriend. Although i fell in love with my gf im longer sure about it because im kind of more of a social person while she would rather keep things calm. I like it when a girl teases me and shows me that she loves me even though it can be annoying at times. My gf is the shy type and sometimes i dont always find that while with her. I dont think i will find someone that loves me the way she does and i wasn't able to break up because o felt that i was doing something wronv thats why i came here for some advice. Do you think its right to break up and break both your heart and your partners heart because of this? Why ot why not? Thanks a lot.


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  • Other girls seem amazing when you're not in a relationship with them. You only see them at their very best. But wait til you date one, and you'll realize how amazing your girl was.

    My boyfriend left me a few months ago because of the "grass is greener" feeling as misscocobutter mentionned. He came back with his head down.

    If you found a girl who loves you unconditionally, you'd be an idiot to leave.

    Also, wanting to find a "better" girl (meaning hotter, more social, more popular) is a sign of a lack of confidence. The hotness or popularity of the girl you date doesn't define you or make you a cooler person. Being loved by a girl and loving her back, even if other girls look better or dress better, that's being a confident man.

    • Thanks :) glad I helped

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    • agree aith you on that one lol but i liked what she said that you may never find agirl that truly loves you unconditionally..

    • Of course liking attractive women is normal. I'm talking about leaving a woman you love and who you find attractive, only to find an objectively more attractive one.
      To me, this scenario is about compromising your happiness and that of your woman, in order to "look" better.

      Of course I'm not talking about liking attractive people in general :)

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  • No it's not the right thing to do. U are experiencing the grass is greener feelings, but usually what happens is u dump the one u love and find out all those other girls are just shallow and unsatisfying, then u wish u had your gf back. Be careful!

  • I feel she could do better when you are considering dumping her for someon "better".


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  • so you love you gf and she loves you and I quote (you don't think you will ever find someone who will love you the way she do) and your breake up will crush both your hearts AND you will just give this all up because you think you can do better than her.. I say go for it and you will regret it all your life

    • Well i kind of didn't explain it right but i meant that i dont always get the things i want and i see other girls that can give that, is it a good a idea to becaue there is a chance we get married in the future and im gonna have to always feel that something is missing?

    • look dude life is like this someone has things you don't have and you have things they don't have.. look at what you have and if you think what you want is affordable then why not to talk to her about it and see what you will get

  • Please doby be one of those those people. U hate this "do better" mentality.


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