One night can say it all... Did she really not love me?

So i went out with a good friend of mine ( he was a good friend of my ex gf) tonight and the things i've heard makes me doubt love more...

My x gf said to his girlfriend ( after 1,5 year relationship) that she actually didn't have the feeling she loved me... in other words she just said : i never loved him... Tough to here if you lived with her for six months...

I got to know that she's talking lies about me against her parents, sister and brother, friends... All the things she did behind my back , she isn't even mentioning the fact she talked with her ex when i was away in a foreign country, to answer her question: if she was happy with me... ( she told me her parents can't get to know this...) , she went off to a foreign country with two easy boys ( i had to make a promise that i wouldn't tell on her) ... wth..

It's like i never knew her... And it hurts to know she actually didn't love me... i have the feeling she was chaning me into her ex...

Why do you stay with someone if they don't mean a thing to you?


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  • some do for fun, make them self feel better, there are multiple reason and all were in some way to feed her own selfishness.


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