Should I ask him if he want's to break up?

Recently I just posted this problem I had (see the link

But I have an update and I don't know what I should do.

Long story short if you don't want to look at the link- I got really drunk, let a distraught guy friend of mine sleep in a bed with me, nothing happened besides him touching me once and a massage which i denied, felt terrible about it, told my boyfriend, he said it was fine and he trusted me and we talked for 2 hours on the phone and later skyped for 2 hours that day.

This bring us to yesterday. We start talking around 4 or 5. We had made plans to Skype watch a movie that day but he ended up doing things with him mom all day since she had the day off and he didn't have work (we are on break from college). So we were texting and he was still doing stuff with his mom, then he watched harry potter with her after dinner so I gave up on us Skype watching a movie. He had also wanted to try dirty Skype which I was okay with (also surprised me because of recent situation). His movie ends with his mom. He says we can Skype but he's gonna take a shower first. Ends up sending me a dirty picture of him then says he's gonna get dressed and we can Skype. I get into pjs, and get on Skype and see that he's on. He immediately gets off and I get a text message. He says that he feels really sick. I say "oh.. okay. Do you just wanna go to bed then?" he says yes than stops responding entirely to my text messages telling him goodnight and I hope he feels better. He usually always says goodnight. We come to today. I text him around 11 saying I hope he's feeling better and good morning. No response. I text him at 5 saying that I hope he had a good day and that I'm thinking of him. Still no response.

Why did he stop responding? Should I ask him if he wants to break up? I can't stand not knowing where I stand and if everything will to be okay or not..


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What Guys Said 1

  • well one odd day seems a little early to break up with him. Just call him and ask what is wrong.

    • I don't know.. he didn't even say sorry or anything about blowing me off for watching the Skype movie and i guess I was just really looking forward to it. I mean, I'm all for him spending time with his mom cuz those days don't come by very often but a quick "sorry I can't do that Skype movie with you" was all I needed. I'm really confused why he we would send me that picture then not text at all the next day..

    • Ask him... yes he was an ass to do what he did. But maybe something else happened. You just don't know. The big thing is that it sounds like both of you need some together time to work through some issues.

What Girls Said 1

  • You should call him to see what is going on. I've learned that texting, even though I do it constantly, can really play mind games with us and make us think the worst. It's happened to me where if my guy doesn't respond I immediately think the worst even though he could be at work, with family, taking shower whatever.


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