Males and females How to approach this? Especially females?

My ex tells me if I want her back then "fix it". However whenever we message one another she mostly just gives me short and careless replies. I've been trying my hardest. She dumped me after an argument. We had it was really stupid, but we both had our trust issues being that we were in a long distance relationship. Whenever we were together the chemistry was perfect. I spoiled her rotten, I took her out to eat I bought her clothes here and there. Even two pair of shoes that she wanted so badly on two separate occasions. We went to the movies and even I even took her on two shopping sprees. We had our ups and downs one of the worst was when I couldn't make it to town and she invited her ex to her Thanksgiving dinner with her family because he had no way of getting back to Texas and she insisted that she was not going to turn her back on someone she knew for years, she says their just friends now and that they would never be on that level again. We argued over that. (Ladies what do you think of that was I in the wrong for accusing her of cheating for that especially since he was the first and only guy to get her pregnant even though the baby was never born). Other than our trust issues I feel like I was really good to her. I could see this coming as her level of affection somewhat changed. I've been losing sleep trying to figure out where I went wrong. Everyone says give her space and she'll come back. I only text her every few days. She text me 5am this morning wishing a late happy new year then said i tried to send this on time but the way my life is set up I didn't realize it didn't send. What the hell does that mean? I really want to win her back but I don't know if I can. One minute she'll post on Fb. Remove people from my life that mean me no good give me the strength to move on next she'll say if someone really matters then distance means nothing. If I want to win her back how do you think I should play this and what do you think my chances are?


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  • I think she is just using you. I think you were in the right place to ask her about her cheating because thats just wrong. I believe you could do better than her. It seems like you treated her like a queen and if she can't see how great you are, she doesn't deserve you.

    • Other people say that to or if I move on she may realize what she had and come back but I'm getting closer to saying fuck it.

    • you should. you deserve way better than her

  • I say drop her nasty ass back where she came from


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