How to get rid of heartbreak and physical pain from one?

so I broke up with my ex because he liked someone else, he didn't cheat but you could he liked her I didn't want to but I did. for the past 2 weeks I feel physical pain in my chest and I cry every night and now I found out he likes my friend instead. may I remind you she is my ONLY friend. and so I still see him and it hurts and I just want to move on. how do I move on, help it's getting so hard and I feel like I can't move or enjoy anything anymore. and she knows I still love him and she went behind my back to date him? I found out because it slipped from his mouth when we were Texting once. it hurts help advice asap please


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  • My advice,
    Turn that frown upside down.

    There's nothing you can do besides cry it out and move on. It's rough to hear that, I know.


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  • Time is on your side.
    Of course you could kick the living shit out of both of them.
    It's kind of middle class but feels really good.


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