Does he not care? Why all of a sudden he is treating me like this?

Me and my ex recently had a falling out about something I didn't even do but he still concluded that he was done with the situation even when I told him that I didn't do it he still wanted to be done. he wanted to block me on Facebook I asked him was that how he really felt and he responded at this point yeah. He then told me to stop messaging him then I told him that I've been dealing with a lot and just needed someone to talk to and he turns around and says well what about your best friend? I told him yes I talk to her too when I'm stressed but then I told him that I wanted to talk to him because I felt like a lot of things got messed up and I didn't want things to be this way all he replied and said to me was I've got to go. what is wrong with this guy and why is he treating me like this I've even apologize for things I didn't have to apologize for and he says he is done. is he just mad at the moment or is he just an a**hole that I need to forget. He also had something that belong to me that he needed to mail to me he claims after he mails my stuff he is going to block me... I figured why wait he could block me now he still hasn't. why is he treating me like this?


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  • Only you care about closure. He is satisfied.


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  • When guys pick fights, it's over


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