Should I end it Now?

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for five years I do still love him but we are nothing but destructive together and I don't get the same feeling I used to get for him for example I'm not fussed if he doesn't text me anymore when I'm at home we argue we have split a few times but it's never been over anything serious but it's all started to add up and I don't know weather to keep going or if it would just be better to end it even though it hurts


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  • You pretty well answered your question in my opinion, this is truly your decision. If it were me in that same position I would, being in a relationship where every conversation turns into a constant argument or being stagnant where the relationship isn't going anywhere is pointless and only is a draining experience, so once it reaches that point its only natural to part ways for the better. You're young and 5 years is a loooong time to be with someone at your age, youth is about experiencing life, and having fun not mopping about a counterproductive relationship. Good luck to you.

    • The problem is we do still have fun together and long conversations the reason we fight is because he has trust issues from a previous relationship and doesn't trust a thing u do I have lied about where I am because if he thought I was with a guy he will automatically assume I'm cheating even though I've been nothing but faithful to him he's stood that he will work on his trust issues this time I'm just worried he wrong be able to

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  • The spark has gone, it's fizzled out and faded away. You've lost interest, your heart is not in it anymore. It's dead on its arse.

    End it and walk away from the relationship.

  • its time to end it


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