I believe I'm a rebound. How do I make a clean break?

I've been dating her for three months. But after those spending time with her, I believe she's not emotionally healed yet. Yeah, and that's rebound the way I see it. I don't feel comfortable dating her anymore. How do I make a clean break? Can I just stop all forms of communication with her?


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  • You should meet with her in person to let her down. Tell her something along the lines of "look, I can tell you're not going at this full heartedly. That's okay. But I'm looking for someone who can. I'm sorry but this isn't going to work."

  • Nooooo never leave a girl without telling her why because that ultimately makes you an asshole. I HATE it when guys do that shit >.<
    Just be honest with her. Tell her you feel like you're a rebound and you don't want that.


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