Is this an acceptable break up method?

So, I've decided to break up with my boyfriend, and I know what to say and what to do for the most part. I want to do it today, but I can't face to face see him until Tuesday and that's at school. I'm only 15, so I don't have a car nor does he have a car. I'm not gonna break up with him at school, because that's inappropriate and what if he cries? That's terrible! Also, breaking up makes me feel bad and what if I cry? Tragic. The next best thing to actual face to face is Skype. Am I right? Would Skype be ok, and people wouldn't be like "Ooh you broke up over Skype! That's pretty much like breaking up over text!" I think it's kinda the same, because you see each other, but you can't touch the other person physically which isn't necessary to break up. I don't know, that's why I'm asking.


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  • I had no idea that there was an acceptable break up method... last i checked, they all sucked lol
    Honey, I commend your efforts for trying to let him down easy, you are a good girl for at least trying but these things are messy which ever way you try it. As for the Skype idea, im dying laughing, thats like taking my girlfriend out on a date just to break up with her... might as well just send a text. its cleaner and you don't have to worry about if he will cry or not.
    Best but hardest way to break up with a person is face to face, its just a sign of respect. but it is Terribly hard. You can try starting out with the famous "we have to talk" that will give him a heads up so he can brace for impact lol.


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  • I think the best thing is breaking up personally, even if you have to wait a little more to talk to him in private.

    • Well Skype is technically face to face, and we have zero classes together and we really don't see each other much. I don't know, my main issue is that I don't want it to be stigmatized like a break up text. Honestly, I don't care if it was stigmatized, but it's embarrassing at first but 5 minutes later our friends get over it.

    • Yeah, Skype is a better option than a text and it also shows more respect to the person you're breaking up with. I still think that personally it's better, but since you don't see each other much Skype is really the better option.

  • That is acceptable.


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