Been having an affair. It ended badly yet I'm still looking at my exes Facebook, Instagram etc. it's been months since we broke up. Why do I do this?

We were together for 5 months yet I can't get her out of my head. I still love my fiancee to though. Why do I stalk her?


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  • So you still think about your ex gf while you have a fiancé oh and a mistress?

    • I had a mistress and my fiancé is my oh

    • You're a douche.
      I hope your fiancé leaves you.

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  • Please tell me your fiancee knows.

    • Yeah she does now as my mistress told her!

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    • She knows and she's sticking by me. In fact she's paying for me to further my career. Result :-)

    • Now I'm lost. Who's question is this?

  • You stalk her because you're a jerk.

    You have two accounts on here because you're a jerk.

    Hope this helps.


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