How can I prevent myself from thinking and texting my ex of three days ago :(its so hard help?

I think its over. He has said he can't be in this. we only lasted 3 weeks but we was talking since November. I miss talking to him which might sound odd considering in the end the contact was less and less.

He said he wants space, then we might be able to sort it out but I have a feeling he could of said it to spare my feelings as I literally had to drag the truth out of him as to why he's not spoke to me much for past two weeks. I've been saying do you want out. He denied it then would. message I miss you.

I got mixed signals. Aan when I tried ro find oit truth he would say I am starting arguments or being negative. Not seen him since 14thdec. Not over Christmas or New Year I questioned that.

Then he said hope to see you soon but still felt like empty words. He said he was attracted to me a lot but the negativity reversed that. Other day he said he's crazy about me and now he's saying that. Its like he was lying whole time. He then said can't force attraction. Then said I am crazy gorgeous but we are too different in personality.

Couples who are alike dont specifically get on more so I thought bs. he's laidback and I am keen to get things done if anything I would be helping his lazy attitude to our relationship.

Its almost like he wants someone who will put up with excuses and cus I didn't and wanted answers he bailed out altogether. An said we can be friends. Weve not spoke in three days so I reckon hewanted rid of me. First date was hotel dinner. No sex. second date he wanted it but was too soon.

He saw me on a whim cus he was drinking with friends told me couldnt come down due to no petrol. Then said he used work money and said he feels like being spontaneous cus I had a free house. So he came att like 2am an we had oral sex. He moaned. for more. Since. then not saw him and weve been talking less and less.

He admitted he had no balls. to tell me he wanted to be alone and said we don't work. He a coward


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  • GIRL!, Text a friend, call people spontaneously, go to a local spot with a friend for a few hours, visit friends, play games online, on your phone, or with friends and family, join a meetup group. Look, you are nothing more than a good time and an option to him. He doesn't respect you. 2am... you had a free house... Come on. Respect yourself. Don't have any type of sex with him... you don't know where he has been. Your life should be more important to you than a few minutes of pleasure with him. He is manipulating you and you are allowing it. You best believe he's not thinking bout you, until he is bored or all the other people he deal with is busy. You need to make him see your worth by respecting yourself first. Cut him loss, but if you can't, be to busy for him, don't respond to calls or text for hours or a day later, if he ask to see you tell him you got plans and if you agree to see him and he's late don't see him tell him you have new plans. Then ignore him for at least a week. I would just drop him, he sounds dirty and unworthy of a good woman.

    • I don't think he cheated but yeah he got jo respect. I do know my worth for sure. How is he manipulating me? He never liked making plans he likes spur of moment. I dont want him I just got lonely

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    • You and me both tried to make it work with people who were users and manipulators. We as women have nurturing hearts and over time men like that cause us to question ourselves and harden our hearts. Don't let that happen to you. Know who you are and who's you are. Know how great you are and love yourself above any other. Men will come and go but it's the King that will remain and continue to polish your shine. #waitingonmyking

    • Thank you. Hope u find him

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