I got a weird feelings for seeing my ex. What does it means? Please someone explain?

I'm dating a guy now and i'm really in love with him. The problem is i saw my ex in a party and i felt something weird, i wanted to cry or do something when he was looking into my eyes and suddenly he just left the party and i did the same. I was really angry and i cried all night but i don't know why i'm crying!!!
just want to know what the hell is this.
Just tell me please if you went through something like this before.


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  • Two things are going to happen after feeling this, it will make or break the relationship.

    1. If you dwell over seeing your ex, you will start questioning your new relationship. You are missing what you guys once shared, you miss living in the past. If he wants you back you might go back to him and work things out.

    2. You may miss what you had, but you know he wasn't the right guy, if he hurt you. You relaize you are in love with this new guy and you love the relationship. You want to continue your new relationship and let the past be in the past.

    I speak of experience, my current gf left me for her ex a month ago. Because she ran into her ex, and she dwelled on it and she jumped on the idea. So honestly if you love this new guy and are happy in the relationship please forget the past. Me and my ex had a beautiful passionate relationship and she threw it away for a guy that hurt her, all because she dwelled on the idea. Just be careful.

    • Sounds scary

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    • Thank you so much.

    • For everything.

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  • It means you have negative feelings about him or the break-up, which is normal. Just allow yourself to feel those feelings but don't dwell on it. If you are happy in the relationship you have then focus on that.

  • It's enotions, it's normal! Just because you break up doesn't mean the feelings disappear


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