What is the meaning behind his actions?

My ex boyfriend dumped me 4 months ago. I tried to talk to him after he broke up with me and he kept ignoring me and wanted nothing to do with me. A few days ago he texted me saying "hey how have you been?" We talked all night long, and we never even did that when we were together. He texted me again the next day saying "hey how was your day?". Again we talked for a long time. The same thing happened the next day. He flirts with me a little sometimes saying how all the guys are probably always staring at me and how I have a great body, and when I sent him a picture of myself he called me hot and said he calls dibs on me. I decided to ask him why he randomly decided to text me and he said "I missed you".. There's one thing that bothers me and that is how he sometimes just randomly stop replying. He reads my message and doesn't reply and I don't know why he does it. The thing is I want him back. But I'm not sure if he feels the same. Im too afraid to ask him if that's what his intentions are.. To get me back? What do you think? And why does he stop replying randomly like that if he is interested?
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  • You want a guy you dumped back? Don't you think you deserve something a little better than that. He called "dibs" on you, sounds a little childish, doesn't it... you'll meet more guys in college (assuming you go), and in life, tons of men in the world, don't just keep going back to the same one because he called "dibs" on you

    • Sorry, he broke up with you... but, same diff. he knew what he had and he lost it, why go back to that?

    • I just can't seem to get over him.. It's been months and I'm still hung up on him

    • Time heals... moving on to a new man helps too

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  • You could ask him what his intentions are and if he is interested in you. You could also ask him why he broke up with you a few months ago, and why he ignored you. As for the randomly not replying to your text, he might just get busy. You could ask him about that too :p.


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