Is my ex trying to make his way back into my life after 3 months NC?

My ex (and neighbor) broke up 3 months ago. We were very in love but when we broke up He was a huge jerk and insecure because I went to college and got a career and he was lazy. We haven't spoken or seen eachother since the break up. We were together 7 months. He went back to his ex girlfriend two weeks after the break up, but that didn't last. I am still friends with his 15 year old sister because my sister and her are best friends.
Ok so on New Year's Eve a stupid girl I used to be friends with got a snap chat from one of her friends and it was a picture of my ex and she was telling my friend that she really liked him. So my friend, without my permission starts telling her all kids of crazy things to try to get her not to date my ex.. She told this girl my ex was stalking me and I never ever said that. So it got back to my ex and his older sister texted me asking me why I was telling people my ex was stalking me... I told her I never said that and that was crazy cause I haven't seen or heard from him in 3 months. I blocked all their numbers cause I was over it.
The next night my older sister sees my ex out at a bar and he looks at her and says "this is akward" and she just walked away. He stayed there all night at the bar. Then the next day he shows up at my sisters job to eat. He knows she works there.. So I just didn't know if this ass is doing this on purpose or it's just a couincidence. what do you think?


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  • It sounds like it's nothing to do with you.


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