When your girlfriend saids it's better that we go our separate ways but your so attached you want her back?

My girlfriend left me because she isn't ready to be in a serious relationship or any relationship at all. Since then we been dating for 2 months but the two months we dated were the most amazing months I have experienced since I started dating and Am 19 and I know that she broke up with me cause she isn't ready to be in a serious relationship and her having a kid on top she said she doesn't have time but I always try to make time for her and me when she's available to. But when she did brake up with me I told her that I miss her and asked her if she was happy in our relationship and she responded yes that she was truly happy but just didn't have the time? :( I know she could be busy but since she said I'm such a great guy and her telling me how she really needed me to guide her in life and how she could see me as a future husband and father to her kid and future kids It really got to me like wow!!! I would be more then hondered to have a child with her and her daughter getting used to me she would always consider me like a stepdad. She would always tell me how she loved that I would motivate her and show her the potential that she didn't see in her self. All I want to know is should I try my best to get her back even thow I didn't brake up with her cause everytime I see a photo of her and her daughter I tend to cry because I was so happy when when I had a bad day. What should I do? My friends say shell come back in the future because I treated her well like a prince and that's her fault because i was a real sweet guy to her?


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  • You need to move on. She doesn't want you anymore.


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