Odd Break up, can you help me understand it?

So me and my gf got back together in September, it was her decision. We had one good month together but then she behaved very odd. We are in a LDR and we had a deep conversation about how happy she was but she need to look foward to have childre. Since then she was avoiding me in some way. Answering only half of my texts and avoiding all my phone calls. She told me she was stressed and she was feeling weird but she was going to tell me how she felt. Finally I couldn't stand it and after one month and a half I sent her a message ending things to what she answered that she was sorry because she still doesn't find the words to explain how she feels. Since then I have been in no contact but her friends had all blocked me from Facebook, what I find very odd because I didn't do anything wrong, I was very loving and supportive while giving tons of space, texting only once every week or every other week.

Can you help me to understand this behaviour?


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  • Really the only explanation is "bitches, man."

    She probably expected you to wait around forever for her to "find the words" but that's nonsense.. Then she blamed you for the breakup and got her friends to hate you.

    • She is not a teenager. She is 31 years old. But after one month and a half it seems she was seeing someone else or she already wanted out of the relationship. Why would she be angry as it seems towards me?

    • Just because her driver's license says one thing, doesn't mean she's matured.

    • But no so inmature to dump someone vanishing out.. That's 15 years old behaviour

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  • You got witched by the sisterhood my fine feathered friend.

  • i think better to breakup


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