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I've had my ex blocked on what's app for 6 months.
I could still see her status update and her last online even though she was blocked the entire time.
Well I got a new iPhone 6 a week ago and when I downloaded what's app she was unblocked, Since then I've noticed she's is on what's app all the time, before she could go days without opening it, now she's on it throughout every day.
The weird thing is she just updated her status now to a link to our old song?
What does this mean?
Also she is dating my neighbour to try and be awkward atm and she knows I'm dating someone if that helps.
My neighbours in Thailand for a few weeks so the song could be for him, but why this song that has so many memories of us?
I haven't ever wanted to play if because it has way to many memories.
And for the entire time we have broken she has never posted something that makes me think it's directed towards me, now the week she's unblocked she knows Im online posts a link on her status knowing I will see it.
What do you all think?
  • It's just a song she likes it and means nothing
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  • It's directed towards the neighbour/ bf
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  • It's definitely directed towards you
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Link she put on her status


Most Helpful Girl

  • She has no creativity so directs this toward him fro lack of finding something else "for them"
    knowing that you might see it is rubbing salt in any wounds you might have
    she prefers him to you but not as in love as w/you (even though this is dead)
    but regrets you're having fun w/o her
    so her emotions are still present, just more hate than love
    and still w/o a real BF love
    and the songs/trapping that go with

    Never go back to her = hell
    no she doesn't want you back, just wants you miserable until she finds a happier replacement


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  • so you've been secretly stalking her, but think she's the weird one? hmm, interesting logic you've got there. ;)

    • No that's a assumption on your part.
      It catches the eye when people change profile pictures, she changed her pic to a new tattoo she got which made me look. (Awful tattoo).

  • Do you want her back?

    • No she was really abusive to me.
      But we was married so I will always feel something for her.
      Can't help but wonder.

    • I would just let it go, only she knows what's she's feeling unless you'd want to ask her.

    • I've let her go, just curious what that was about.

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