Could he come back with the NC rule?

I was dating a guy for about 7 months. He went away for 2 weeks and when he came back he told me it was best if we were just friends as he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. It was completely out of the blue and I was shocked. My response was mature and left things on a positive good note. I have not contacted him since, that was 1 1/2 ago. Is there a chance he will come back since I have not contacted him? We really liked each other so this truly came as a shock. Thanks in advance for your help. xoxox


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  • When a guy tells you that he doesn't feel for you the same way, he really means it.
    No contact or not, even if he comes back there is no point of getting back bcz if his feelings for you changed within a matter of 2 weeks then you can't be sure about his feelings in near future.
    All the best anyways :)


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  • If he does try to contact you back you can not let him in that easily you must make him work hard to get you back. Because if you let him back into your life easily he might do the same thing again and leave you... And also you should move on go find yourself another man and stop waiting for your ex


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