How long should "after breakup" sex go on for?

Me and my girlfriend broke up exactly a year ago and we are still having sex. She doesn't want to get back together, she seems to just want to have a physical thing with me. I can't date anybody because I'm still sleeping with my ex and I'm just wondering how long this is suppose to go on for.


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  • You make it sound like after break-up sex is the most normal thing on earth. It is not. Normally people break up and that includes that they stop having sex with each other. Right away.

    • Gee thanks for that Helpful comment. Since not everyone is "normal" or does things the right way and often times have questions, there are forums such as this one to ask various questions. If I thought it was normal I wouldn't have asked. Your opinion is not fact. Perhaps you should screen out the "unnormal" questions if it bothers you so much

    • You obviously have issues if you took so much offence to my answer and even felt the need to downrate it. You are over 35. Grow up. And you are "just wondering how long this is suppose to go on for". As long as you let it happen. If you don't want it. Simply stop. My god, some people really have no clue about life.

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  • Ofcourse you can date other people. If she tells you that you can't, then ask that bitch why she won't do more than physical herself.


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  • It goes on for as long as you allow yourself to be used.


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  • she is either using you as a sex tool (which is a very shameful thing to be as a man). or she still likes you..


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