Should I move in with my boyfriend?

Ive known him for about 5 months. He's an amazing out-going guy. He's 25 and I'm 20. As weird as it sounds I'm not allowed to date living under my father's roof (but that never stopped me from dating under the table). He's very religious that way. And not too mention my boyfriend does not share the same religion so its definite no-no in his eyes. (he sorta doesn't even know I'm dating him) Anyways my boyfriend wants me to move in with him. I want to get out of my area so bad because I'm so sick of it. But then again I'm so conflicted because my family would see it as morally wrong to move in with a guy outside marriage. I'm also scared because if I make this decision then there's no going back. Like If it didn't work out between us I could NOT go back to my father's house.

Any advice?
Should I move in with my boyfriend?
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