What kind of situation do you have to be in with someone to consider them an ex?

What kind of relationship do you think you'd have to have been in with someone to consider them an ex? I consider this one guy I was seeing exclusively (and then it ended badly) to be an ex. I've only ever had one official relationship (the one I'm in now) so I don't have official exes I guess but I consider him an ex but maybe that's just me.


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  • I consider a serious relationship to last at least 2 weeks to a month. I personally consider it a serious relationship when her and I go out often, hold hands, touch each other, are around one another often and really think of each other as girlfriend and boyfriend then I would consider her an ex.


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  • One where we agreed to be exclusive. Everything else is just dating to me and not a relationship, therefore not an ex


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  • Having had more than a friendship relationship with them in the past.
    So having had sexual contact or kissing on the lips let's say. A hug can probably still count as friendship...


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