Would you break up with your girlfriend over this?

This guy and I we will call him guy 1 had a thing before my boyfriend and I met. We were also very very good friends because we both grew up in a crappy household and could relate to each other very well because of this. My boyfriend and I got together, I was still friends with guy 1, I asked my boyfriend for permission before having out with guy 1 which he gave me. I went and hung out with guy 1 and a bunch of his friends. My boyfriend did not lie how I was not texting back quick enough, called me and broke up with me. We ended up patching things again, but while we were broken up I continued to hang with guy one. He gave me two articles of clothing because I forgot a jacket. So my boyfriend and I got back together, he told me to not talk with guy 1 anymore which I did. Guy one wanted his things back and kept texting me for it. My boyfriend did not want me to return his things alone because he did not trust guy 1. So, I never returned them. My boyfriend wanted to confront guy one and such so I never took the things even while he was with me to not have drama. I told guy 1 I was away on vacation and would return his stuff sometime in the next year so he would stop texting me. He saw myself and my boyfriend at the time at the store and started texting me. I read every single message guy 1 sent to me and what I responded. The last message my boyfriend already read it himself and I summed it up and said oh cool he said I can keep his things, deleted the convo and did not respond. My boyfriend got so mad at me and started yelling "get the fuck out of my car, get the fuck out of my face. When we get back to my place you're leaving". I did not understand what I did wrong, my boyfriend while driving back to his place said that he knew he should have went up to guy 1 and asked him if he had a problem and pretty much start a fight with guy one. Would you break up with your girlfriend over this?
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  • I would personally not break up with you but, I can't speak for all guys including your bf. It sounds like he simply didn't trust you with this other guy, and when you were still in contact with the other guy even after you promised not to be it pushed him over the edge. He obviously didn't trust you with him or talking to him, weather he was being unjustifiably jealous or not I can't say. But if he was being overly jealous its probably for the best things ended now, people like that only get worse as the relationship goes on.

    • I think it was an overly jealous type. He didn't want me talking to any guys period, end of story.

    • Well a lot of guys are like that, just keep in mind in the future many guys have been cheated on by women who were seeing guys who they said were "just friends" including myself. It is not an excuse, just a reason why many men are cagy about gf hanging out with guys who are "just friends." At first they can seem to be overly jealous, but are just nervous because they were burned before (myself included).

    • I am not trying to make excuses either, bur I explained to him before we were dating that all of my friends are guys and I have no girlfriends at all, and I never have. So for him to act that way after acknowledging what I said and for him to continue to date me doesn't seem okay. Especially when he was talking to other girls. I stopped talking to that guy in the post along with another guy I had a past with. But even then it wasn't good enough for him.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it's your BF's fault for him telling you to hang out with another guy you have feelings for and then getting mad about it later. But you should have stopped talking to guy 1. I can see why he's pissed but i also see that you should have not texted guy 1 at all.

    • He wanted me to reply back to him. I should have added that's why he got mad at me at the end because I deleted the conversation instead of replying what my boyfriend wanted me to.

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  • Too much bullshit drama over such a stupid thing for me to keep dating you. You should have just gave the crap back to "guy 1," instead of being chicken shit to the point of causing drama.

    • I wanted to return it, but my boyfriend threatened to break up with me if I did it with out him being there. We were also in a long distance relationship so it's not like he could have gone with me at anytime to return it.

    • Mail service.

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