Part of me wants to give up?

My girl left over our continuous fighting and trust issues? It was a long distance relationship. I've been trying everything to win her back but she only acts cold and rude to my every try. I spoiled her like a child when we were together and looking back it makes me wonder I'm sure she would be hard pressed to find anyone who actually treated her so good. Did that not mean anything? I last talked to her on Sunday asking why so hostile you left me? She simply said I relationship want happen. I asked why? She said just know what I said. I'm out of options I've tried everything. all I can do now is move on or give her hell of space and no contact the one thing I have yet to try cause I don't want her to move on or something so what should I do?
If you we're in this situation but really loved someone what would you do?


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  • Why are there trust issues?

    • Well there was that one time she invited an ex over to her families Thanksgiving dinner while I was out of town. She didn't want to turn her back on someone she has history with

    • Ok sounds like you're listening to your heart instead of your head. My husband is the red to my apple, but if I ever find out that he's keeping inappropriate relationships/friendships behind my back again I would walk away in a heartbeat. You have to remember someone worth fighting for will show their true character & still be worth it at the end of the day. Having to babysit a partner won't work. So if 1 of you isn't fully committed to being together then it's best to let yourselves move forward separately.

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