How can I communicate with the mother of my children for our kids sake if I know she wants me out of the picture?

I needed a break from her kaotic and destructive/passive aggressive ways and she hit me with an order of protection saying I am abusive physically and verbally and it was the opposite. She knows I'm strong, smart and a"threat"because I'm a more stable person mentally and feared I would attempt to take our kids which is madness.. actually tried to get me hurt, but I'm street smart.


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  • I think this needs to be taken to the court. You may be street smart, but that shit won't cover when the legal system gets involved. That shit can be nasty. If your children are not in physical, mental, or emotional harm right now, it would be best to stop talking to her. Unnecessary encounters could lead to more evidence of you being a bad husband and having the court take away your custody to your ex wife. Get a lawyer, DO NOT HIT HER, OR EMOTIONALLY ABUSE HER. get more evidence to show that she is incapable of being a good mother, and then take her on, in court.

    • I have not hit her ever. She has family history of mental illness and she also started cutting and smashing her head against things a few months before the split. She hit my son a few months agofor not getting dressed fast enough... literally mounted him and wailed. She just erased e mails about wanting to work it out just two days before the protection order she issued. It goes on and on.

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