Harder on guys or girls?

Who takes or deals with breakups harder? Girls may cry for days and their life and activities will come to stop while guys get upset but seem to move on with life as if nothing happened. That doesn't mean that guys don't hurt, it's just that they seem to deal with breakups better but some guys told me that they hurt deeper and for longer periods of times.

Sooooooo in your opinion, who deals with it better?
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  • Neither-a breakup is a breakup, painful and horrible no matter what sex you are!
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  • seriously?
    Are we trying to figre what's worse of plague and cholera?

    it's both horrible and painfull. The problem is that we handle it differently. Guys more often try to be "macho" and not show how bad it hurts, while women are more free to be open about it. So let's instead of arguing who got it forse accept it hurts like hell, and call it case closed?


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What Guys Said 7

  • nah d00d it happens to guys too. my friend curled up into the fetal position and cried when his first gf dumped him. from a stereotypical point of view it was fucking pathetic. but it happens.

    • I always hear about these guys but feel like their existence are like unicorns :P

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    • I have many guy friends and was surprised when they told me how much a breakup can fuck up a guy! They just cope with it differently.

    • every guy has his own coping methods and usually that is what confuses the girl. but trust me its all hurting inside just as much.

  • Guys take it harder... because men aren't emotionally coddled and attended to NOWHERE NEAR as much as women are.

    Men have very little emotional support when it comes to emotional turmoil.

  • It depends on how long ago the break up. If it was a week, women have it harder. If it's a month, men have it harder.

  • depend apon level of love
    if it is low or average then no


    if is high then he can do suicide

  • I think it depends on who was the one to break up and how deep the relationship was.

  • You written very good lines in 'Vote C'.

  • It varies by the relationship. Sex isn't a factor.

    • Sex isn't a factor.
      And we're talking about a really strong relationship.

    • Yeah, I'm saying it varies by the relationship whether the male or female takes the breakup harder.

What Girls Said 1

  • women sit by their phones waiting for a text off of their ex for about a year I'd say.
    Guys on the other hand spend the next year looking for new women.
    when they guy has decided your out, they never ever think about you again. True

    • Yes it's very true but when guys are being truthful (other than your ex) they say they may have "moved on" but deep down inside they hurt. Which doesn't mean they haven't moved on, it just means as tough as they seem they hurt too.

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