Please Help!!! How to deal with a spurned girl friend from 17 years ago?

We used to date at college in our teens and we broke up (I went overseas to study and met my future wife abroad). 17 years later I'm now going through divorce and recently met my old college ex girlfriend. We talked about our college relationship, the breakup and the bitterness that she felt towards me. I apologized. She seemed to accept and we agreed to put the whole matter behind us. I found out that she has an 15 year old son and she broke up with the guy and lives alone with her son. I also told her about my divorce issues and she was really supportive and we talked a lot by text messages. I also told her that I was looking to move out of my marital home and find an apartment of my own. Then suddenly out of the blue she started ignoring my text messages. I wrote another text message to her last night to find out what was wrong and the response I got was absolutely explosive! She was mean, insulting, hurtful and BITCHY. She actually told me to 'f' off, leave her alone and stop telling her about my 'personal problems'. She said she couldn't care less about my problems and to leave her out of my life! I apologized and promised not to bother her anymore but she keeps sending more BITCHY, hurtful and mean text messages to me, even when I'm no longer texting back. How do I handle the? I just want to leave her alone now, get a clean break and move on with me life, hopefully this time for good. Is it a good idea to just ignore her and walk away from all this and hope that she will also walk away and forget about me? Please help! I don't want to bicker and fight with her.


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  • Yea you should move on and leave her alone. Cause, first; you dont deserve a person like that and second cause when we, girls, are like that and act like "annoyed" all you have to do is leave us alone dont continue annoying (you are not annoying, i just mean that its seems like you are annoying to her)


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  • Are you absolutely sure that this is entirely out of the blue? Could she have talked to someone about you? Maybe your ex-wife? It seems like something must have happened to me.

    Either way, I think you should ignore her. If she keeps sending bitchy messages she obviously is not interested in a conversation. Maybe you can block her number so that you don't even receive her messages anymore.

    • I am absolutely positive that my wife/soon to be ex wife has not spoken to her. They don't even know each other. My suspicion is that she thought I wanted go get back together, especially when she found out that I was going through divorce. I also suspect that when I told her I was moving out of my house, she was expecting me to move in with her but when she realized that I was looking for my own apartment, that's when her attitude towards me changed dramatically.

    • Did you get involved with her again then? Or is she just crazy to assume you'd move in with her? I know some people jump to conclusions, but that would be so utterly insane. She doesn't seem very stable (mentally). You should definitely block her and avoid her like a plague because in the current situation you're in (divorce, looking for new home) you don't need additional stress from a crazy person.

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  • Sounds like she still has feelings for you. I would keep ignoring her if you don't want to deal with it. If she doesn't stop tell her where to go AND how to get there. That's unbelievably immature for a mother.


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