What should I do? Started no contact and my ex boyfriend and he's acting weird?

My ex and I broke up in September and I begged him and all that stuff we became friends but he started acting cold. Since he asked for my number a day hasn't gone by that we hadn't texted even after the breakup. Until yesterday I never sent one text and I always do. In my class we have table groups of 4 and our new seats were assigned and we were at the same table. He was in the front and I was behind him. Literally the entire class period he kept glancing over at me and if I caught him he smiled and looked away quickly. He complimented my hair (i recently had it dyed) and he did lots of things like playing with my ear buds and asking if they were new. He even set his on my desk. I didn't sit at his lunch table and I hardly looked at him. He kept turning around and looking at me. I thought maybe it worked and he liked me again but after school he came up to me and he looked nervous. He asked me if anything was wrong and I said no and he said I seemed distant and I asked him if he wanted me to text him and he looked really sad and said "no I would not." I don't know what to please help :( I want to text him and see if he's ok but I think he's sure I'll do that


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  • You need to enforce the no contact a little more. He's confused and seeking attention of you.

  • maybe you really seem distant to him , is he the type of guy that needable for attention or comfort from his lover or crush? if he is then dont be distant you must be closer and do talk to him as you guys used to be other wise he is just getting now the wrong message , if he is not that type of guy then its just that he still cares about you despite that things changed , ( by the way what expression face did you gave him? maybe he got the wrong message too ) i think this is a misunderstood because he doesn't know that you care about him or willing to back to the things that you guys were , forget texting !! go to him directly dang it and explain yourself a bit starting by " i am sorry if i gave you the wrong message but the truth is i still care about you " , i hope this helps or not just giving my advice good luck.

    • His whole face was red and he looked worried and sad ;-; poor thing

    • Whoops sorry thought u meant his face I smiled at him

    • aww you guys should talk , he really seems like he is misunderstanding something that only you could explain yourself , if it helps wither he knows that you will text or not it doesn't matter because he knows that you have considered to text him and explain yourself about the confusion parts , but ya it will be difficult to be opened to human beings but to be honest if no one is going to be opened and start explaining things will end up in a big misunderstood hope this helps

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