Do you think we could ever be friends?

I split with her, because of health issues. (The sex was so good that it was killing me!)

I told her that I believe in platonic relationships, and never give up on my ex-es. She didn't want to hear it. Both are mature and have grown kids of our own.

Do you think we could ever be friends?


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  • In a little while, send her an e-mail or text saying that you'd like to have her over if you ever go out with friends or have a dinner party, etc. I think that that might be the best option. (Let it be known that I AM young, but I do think that I understand women pretty well) Best of luck!

    • We're a continent apart! I do write to her, and she does reply. But often with a sense of why-are-we-not-together hurt! Which puzzles me as to whether she would ultimately accept it or not.

    • Dont be selfish and force her into a friendship just cause YOU dont give up on your exes. That's your problem not hers. Leave her be cause she's hurt by not having you and you are okay with it. So leave her be for the sake of goodness

    • It doesn't look as if she doesn't want to be friends. Just that she might have liked the relationship to continue. I cannot afford that...

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