Pressured by family or lost feelings?

I already asked a similar version of this question, but I realized I forgot to add ANOTHER detail that may be important (ugh!):

After four months of dating (and almost a year of knowing one another), my bf dumped me saying he's not ready for a relationship. I didn't understand because he seemed REALLY into me, at least up until the last week when he seemed slightly distant (i. e. not seeing me quite as much and being a little less physically affectionate) BUT still seemed interested in my life, listening to my problems, texting me ALL throughout the day every day (we were even having a fun conversation JUST MINUTES before he broke up with me!), texting good night, doing me favors/the little things, etc. I was recovering from an injury, however, so I guess it may be possible he was just texting all day because he felt bad for me? I don't know (about 10 days before the breakup he actually got me flowers to comfort me in my recovery). But it's not like he only texted to ask about my recovery. Did he completely lose feelings/get bored in just a week? The other factor to consider is that we're both teens and his family is SUPER strict and tight-knit and often seemed to be trying to keep us from seeing each other. What do you think was the primary cause of this? Thank you very much!
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