My ex-boyfriend has a girlfriend and still tries to call me. Why does he still try to get in contact with me?

My ex boyfriend pretty much chose another girl over me and totally stopped talking to me. I was very hurt but during our school break he calls me three times. Why is he trying to get in contact with me? I didn't answer his calls but Im still wondering why he tries to get in contact with me. When we come back to school he would literally walk right past me as if he didn't give a damn about me, but I know he still does. Does he still like me? Why did he choose someone over me? I was everything to him and he dissed me...


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  • He misses you. he prov regrets leaving you. but if i were you id give him the finger and throw him in the trash. he picked someome over you so he can suck it.

    • Thank for the Advice!

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    • It actually has happened more than twice already but Im done finally, I at lease deserve the respect so fuck him. I haven't spoke to him in a month and I want to keep it that way.

    • Like i said. over and over and over again. people hardly ever change. that guy is an asshole. you only need one asshole in your life and thats your own. lol. fuck that guy.

  • Clearly wants a 3some


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