What caused this break up?

1) We dated for 4 months, knew each other for almost a year
2) We're teens
3) His reason for dumping me was that he just wasn't ready for a relationship
4) He seemed VERY INTO ME until one week prior to the break up, when he was a little less physically affectionate and didn't see me as often (but that could be because of parental intervention--see 9)
5) Up until MINUTES before the break up he texted me ALL throughout the day asking about my opinions, interests, life, saying good night, etc.
6) I was recovering from an injury... so maybe he just texted all the time because he felt bad for me?
7) He bought me flowers about a week before the break up due to my injury
8) He always did me other little favors
9) One of his parents (who he was VERY close to) was very strict and made it clear they did not like me

Thank you!
  • He got bored/lost feelings
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  • Parental intervention
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by the way the parent in #9 essentially runs his entire life.


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  • Sounds like 6 and 9 are most of the reason. 3 is a definite possibility, though.

    • ^What do you mean by 6 and 9?

    • The ones you listed in the question. 6 as in he might have been texting you to keep you happy and all that stuff and 9 as in his parent might have had something to do with it.

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  • Maybe its the fact that he lost feelings for you but it could be that he wasn't seeing you as much that seems to break people apart a lot

  • He's parents probably told him to break the relationship off


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