How to end a relationship when its at dating level and don't let it to turns to a relationship?

Recently had a messy breakup and now I'm thinking it would be better to end with a girl while on dating and before it turns to a relationship. Especially because I don't want to be exclusively with just one girl right now.


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  • Be honest and date with many girl. If not, In the end everyone would know you as a play boy and lost trust worthy.

    • I want to be honest but do you think its what girls want to hear? I'm thinking to don't talk about it at all to girls it means no lie too.

    • Be honest since the beginning. It may hard to find that girl but again you will find it.

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  • Just be honest & tell her you don't want to be exclusive.

    • What if don't tell her about? Is it acceptable for girls?

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