Is this as screwed up as I think?

When I was 16 my parents got a divorce. My mom had another guy and left my father for him. That guy ended up being a psycho (she met him online). My father had been a drug addict and my mother was not and she couldn't take it anymore. She took me with her to go live with this strange man. After they broke up my mom started to slut around hooking up with guys half her age and various people. She started to brag about all the guys she'd get. I would get upset because who wants to hear about their mom screwing guys? Anyways, she eventually tamed down and I knew she was seeing someone. She wouldn't say who for the longest time. I suspected it was her best guy friend. It turned out to be my uncle. Yes, my uncle. They're step brother and sister but grew up in the same house together and had always called each other brother and sister. He had always been my uncle. He had a wife and cheated on her every chance he got. My mom some how thought he wouldn't cheat on her. Well, eventually it quit (long story short). And now she has a different boyfriend. She still doesn't understand that it's incredibly screwed up that she tried to get with her brother. Her argument is that there isn't any blood. She would talk to him on the phone and say that he's her brother! If you call someone your brother and for 40 years feel like they're your brother then there's no need to have blood in the mix! You are freaking brother and sister! Since this whole incident I haven't been able to look at my mom the same. It's scarred me for life and I'm not sure if I'll ever get over it. I've never told anyone about this so my question is, is it screwed up that she almost got with her step brother?
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  • Dam... what kind of red-neck hick family do you come from? lol j/k

    • Yeah my entire family shunned her when they found out. A lot of them offered to adopt me because they felt so bad that I would have to go through that.

    • I probably would have considered that adoption if I were you. But yeah, distance yourself.

    • Oh I did! But I would have had to been emancipated and all that crap because she wouldn't give up parental rights.

  • That's about as fucked up as a can of worms.


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