Says he's done with me because I wouldn't let him drive home because he overdosed on insomnia medicine?

So he has chronic insomnia because of his fathers death five years ago, was one the things he told me when we first started talking. I said my mom has the same thing and I told her what she takes for it and he wanted to try it to see if it works... I let him have a few because I wanted to help. Eventually he wanted to get more becasue the amount i had given him wasn't enough. Some days later I had gotten a call from his older sister saying to please stop giving him medicine becasue he had terrible side effects, I was understanding and I agreed to no longer give him any.
Soon after I stopped, he made an appointment with his doctor and got the same medicine that I had previously given to him. He lied about it and kept asking for more from my mothers stash, I said no. His mother called earlier to warn me that he was acting peculiar and do not let him drive home if he continues that way and to call her if he gets worse. So we continued to hang out as we normally would except he was acting off and he was falling asleep. I kept pointing it out and he kept saying it's nothing babe. Which I knew was utter bullshit. I had to go see my mom in the hospital and he volunteered to drive and I said whatever. So about a few miles down the highway he started swerving and almost hit a truck. I told him to stop the car and let me drive, he did so. When we got to the hospital he checked himself into the ER for insomnia and they gave him the same medicine he overdosed on. He could barely walk straight and speak. We got to my house and I quickly took away his keys making him think that he lost it. He fell asleep on my couch for a few hours and I had to go get his family to take him home. When they came, he hugged me goodbye and he texted me saying, I'm done with you.
I don't understand why he did that. I'm a little relieved that it's done and no more drama but also really broken. He cares more about the high than his life. He says he loves me but I'm the one forcing him to say goodbye
He took 29/30 he was prescribed. Also with the medicine the ER gave him. Should I fix the relationship or let it go?
he took it within a matter of hours.


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  • Let it go if he doesn't want to be an adult fine let him stay an immature kid. You move one so you don't have to deal with his hit and find someone who acts their age.

    • I let him go. He's trying to play mind games with me to make me communicate with him. It's hard but I know I can do this, I deserve better.

    • You do I'm sure of that

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