Should I break up with him? And how can I break up with him nicely?

I've been dating this really sweet guy for like 4 months or so but we're just not a good fit I think. We don't have any common interests and when we hang out all we ever do is watch movies. To be honest, sometimes he is kind of boring. But I really care about him and don't want to hurt him. I kind of want to break up with him but I'm not sure. The relationship is just complicated because his parents don't want us dating so we have to kind of hide it and I don't like it. I still want to be friends with him though, if we did break up. Should I break up with him, and If so, how should I without hurting him badly?
Just broke up with him! It went so well!! The feeling was completely mutual and we both feel relieved and happy about our decision. And best of all we still are friends!


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  • Well if you don't feel happy in this relationship you should break up with him. Just tell him that you do not like the fact that you have to hide and tell him that you think things won't work this way. Whatever you say to him, good luck (:


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  • There is no easy way to break up iys like pulling off a bandaid
    really quickly


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