Is it suppose to feel and be like this man?

i haven't been with my old love in 2 years now. i loved her a lot but she'd always leave. we both have slight issues with us but anyways when she left i'd smoked hella bud and drank but didn't talk to her that much. i came to a conclusion that i need to leave her be but she won't leave me be/ she has a gf now but i guess she gets it now that im not talking to her. the thing is with me its not like i haven't been with other girls after her because i have. somehow i end up seeing her in my head and thinking of her , when im smiling in other girls faces its her face i see. i write stories and poems , i listen to my ipod and zone out but after im done reading my work it sounds like im describing her. im just here now because i've talked to friends and family about her long enough , dont wanna bring up old stuff where i sound crazy lol... but yeah i though i would have her outta my system by now i dont think of her everyday , its maybe months but when i do it floods my brain


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  • Your options are to talk to her and explore your feelings or find a way to move on.

    • I have I think it's just some days my mind rewinds to the past. I thought when you move forward I wouldn't have to deal with stuff like this anymore is all

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    • She's with someone right now. I don't know how the relationship is but I don't want to let her have me in her back pocket so when things go bad I'm right there

    • There's your answer. She's moved on, so should you. Just understand that the right person for you is out there and by staying with someone who isn't right for you, you're only cheating yourself.

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