Girls and guys: How to make a clean break up (tips appreciated)?

I've been dating this girl for three months. My strong gut feeling tells me she's not over her ex. I've seen the signs. (This can lead to rebound too the way I see it) So now I'm not comfortable dating her anymore. I want to stop the dating, but how do you break it while keeping it clean?


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  • Just say that you don't like her like that anymore and that you don't want to hurt her by dragging the shallow relationship out any longer. Honestly it's her maturity that will keep the break up from being all drama and tears. Just hope she doesn't make a big deal over nothing. And DONT bring up her ex when you do it.

    • What if she asks why? She's been like crazy about me recently (but i think that's her coping mechanism for her ex)

    • Just say that you don't feel the same about her. I wouldn't bring up another girl or her ex just because she might get mad at those reasons. Just tell her it doesn't feel right.

  • You don't have to say anything. Just pull back, less texts, one worded texts, say you'll meet up on such and such a day then bail etc and get her to dump you. She can then lose her mind about what she could have done differently and did he ever like me and you can celebrate freedom.
    Every guy I've been with recently does this.
    However don't look and sound too happy about it as it makes you come across as an a hole!

    • This is a good plan, but it doesn't sound clean.

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