I cheated the person I loved the most... em about to marry him now please can sum one help me em facing extremely difficult tym?

I have been in a relationship for 7 years he is loving caring handesum well I had a lot of breakups wd him buh still we sticker to each other now that I found 4 months back that he cheated me for sum bitch I cryed a lot was depressed almost my life changed... if I was leaving him i had to answer my family my social circle and close ones and at the end of the day I was suppose to be Alone. I had proves that he cheated me so I contacted my x told him how unhappy em I shld mention he is Married so he kept a secret realationshp wd me knowing that I hVe been involve sumwhr else he gifted a lot he was good person I never interfered in his life meanwhile I waswdmy bf too and was about to marry each other in coming moths I was happy and relaxed bcz I took revAnge. My boyfrnd had spent a lot of money on my shopping on my needs gifted me so much.. I can't deny that too.. I kept an eye on him he left that girl for me he was no more cheating from 4 to 5 months buh I was continuesly just because I wanted to take revenge... I never invested in my x my emotions were only for my boyfrnd.. and then my boyfrnd found out abused me a lot cryed did breakup I tryd to stop him he was out of control so I sent him sum proves that showed how he cheated me he was quite and heartbroken... He explained he was wd that girl after whenever we use to have breakup in these 7 years, he told me how much he had loved me the prove he said that he was marrying me I said ok he is heart broken and accept me again em hurt too buh so confused how will me build trust again I have a tag of SLUT and I know this will stick to my forever if I'll be with him. He wants we shld immediately marry each other tell me suggest me wot should I do? I have shed tears a lot I have given him a lot of loved dunt want to leave him buh being wd him will make me guilty for the rest of my life... I know I did wrong I know I cheated buh em asking Allah to forgive me


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  • U both need to take some time off, seriously
    dont marry, first identify your problems which means u need to have some quite alone time, then discuss those issues and work them out together. Afteer all the issues have been worked out only then can u two think about marriage


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  • You love him so much you committed an act of adultery, I totally believe you.

    Let him go and so he can find someone who will love him and won't cheat on him.

  • Apparently you're just a bad person.


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  • Four years ago, a man from Egypt found me on Facebook and we had started a whirlwind romance. After getting to know him better on Skype, I then flew off to the magical land of Cairo where I stayed with him and his family for 30 days. Things went so well that after I returned home, I hopped back on board, flying back over where we ended up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice... I remained there awhile, however everything was Not as comfy and cozy as it should have been and when I came back to the states I----Had a sour ball in my mouth about what happened with him and me and his family.
    I ended up retaliating by Cheating with a Coptic Christan man who was living closer to me. My husband loved me enough unconditionally to Forgive me, however, I was on and off with the Coptic to the point that even when he and I were through forever, my husband's own family have a bad taste about me now.
    I haven't been back to be with him in a long while, which is why there is strife in our life and in our marriage.
    With your own case, which I feel he 'Cheated and Cheated' You here, dear, he had This coming and now he wants to try and point fingers at something that you most likely did in retaliation for what he did to you.
    You sound confused, not knowing where to go or who to turn to. I don't feel you should be jumping Into matrimony until you are certain it is what you want to do and if He is the One and that not only you believe in your heart that Not just Allah can forgive you for your own sin, but that you can forgive yourself and your fiance as well.
    You both have a lot to work out. Marriage isn't the answer at this point in time. You are going to start off on the wrong foot which may lead down a beaten path and become a War of the Roses, where you end up in Divorce court.
    Also, think about the repercussions if you enter into this agreement.. It could then turn into a Family Affair and A----Nitemare of Everything that will... 'Stick to my forever.'
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks a lot I und that ur correct God Bless You

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    • My love for u ! Dunt worry

    • Oh, I am not... I think God is guiding me and now I am in a new relationship with a Muslim man from Brooklyn.. shokran, love.:)) xxoo

  • Yeah... break up. If only to save him from your spelling and grammar.

    But seriously. None of this is healthy.

    • Sorry for my English :-)

  • >.> wow, let him have someone who won't cheat on him

  • Allah won't forgive you on here, he doesn't come on here usually.

    Pray. Allah knows what you truly feel in your heart and he knows your true remorse. Even if you don't say it, Allah knows.

    Allah knows all humans will make a mistake, and that's partly why you pray 5 times a day because of daily mistakes. So just know that Allah understands we aren't perfect, because he is only perfect. And just pray and say sorry.

    But no, I think nobody here will be having sympathy for you because you chose this yourself. So just pray instead, don't come to here for somebody to tell you it's ok.

    • He cheated me too wot will u say on that?

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    • Before making comments go n read first wot I have written ok

    • Make it so I can first, then I would.

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