How to get back my ex girlfriend after a breakup?

I was in a relationship for a year nearly and we broke up three weeks ago. We had a fight and that turned into a breakup. I said in an anger that I need a break. But I felt for it the next moment. She said there is no patching up after a breakup. She liked me so much but I was kinda an ass here. So usually I did all the mistakes that shouldn't be done begging, pleading for another chance, calling and texting continuously and finally ending up in getting blocked on WhatsApp and calls. But later she unblocked me. I called her after ten days. She was still angry and mean to me. She said I'm possessive, clingy, spoilt kid, and had ego. She was my first everything. I now feel like a chunk of my heart is gone. I had lots of gifts gathered from my euro trip for her to give on her birthday but I lost my patience over anger and made a mistake. She said she never wants to patch up again. Pls help me here. I don't know what to do to get her back.
My girl friend said she doesn't have feelings for me anymore. She also said she needs time.


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  • I hate to break it to you but: that’s what you get. You should have been more realistic about what you were doing when you decided to be so reckless, inconsiderate, and impulsive. Something similar happened to me: a man that I had been in a relationship with for over a year dumped me in the heat of an argument. It made me feel insignificant, not worth fighting for, and disposable at any second. After that, I never trusted him again…never trusted his maturity level nor his value system. Your ex probably feels the same way. You can’t just go around breaking up with someone because you feel upset. Breaking up with someone is kinda like being fired from a job: it is basically saying that they have failed to satisfy you and function properly so you will no longer be needing their services and you are dismissing them. They’re going to feel shocked, angry, hurt, and maybe even embarrassed. There’s also this element that the dumper just looks like a quitter and that they “gave up” on the other person. So it’s really hard to come back from that. I don’t think there’s much you can do now, but just keep this in mind for the future…
    Don’t do things that make you look like you can’t be trusted. Do not do things that make it appear that someone would be foolish to put their heart in your hands.

    • Wow. You nailed it! I also got dumped out of rage a month ago but a week after him chasing me I started chasing him... Which was a bad move.

      But in the end its true that the asker now looks like a quitter. Even if she took you back she would never trust you. Or it would take a lot for her to trust you again

    • @new_me : / what ended up happening after you chased him back?
      She probably wont’ ever trust him again and will be more willing to trust someone new because he’s already burned her.

    • After I chased him he kind of froze... I didn't say that I wanna get back together in those words but I initiated conversations. All that did was make it harder for me to let go. And at that moment he had no fight left in him. He didn't fight for me still. Which broke my heart all over again. I started thinking that maybe if I had let him in when he came back we would be together right now.

      but what's the point of being in a relationship with a quiter? The foundation or promise that should exist in a relationship would not be there. In hindsight when he broke up with me due to rage, that's when he showed/reminded me of who he is.

      you can't take a person for granted like that

  • Anger means she cares and the fact she was pointing out your flaws means she really really cares


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