Which plan is better to get my ex back?

Plan A - I call her tonight and tell her im coming by tomoro to get the necklace back that i gave her but when i show up she comes out to me waiting with flowers and her favorite candy and when she hands me the necklace i put it on her

Plan B - I get to her house before she gets home from school and im there empty handed and ask her to bring out the necklace and then when she does come back out then same as plan a from there on out

Plan C - wait for her to get home with the flowers and candy in my hand and just leave the necklace part out

by the way tomoro would have been our 3 month so she will be thinking of me a lot throughout the day maybe wishing in the back of her mind that she was seeing me and thats why i like the idea not to call ahead and itll be a nice surprise and catch her off guard (shes been mad at me for things i said during the break up) but i also like the necklace idea a lot too cus it will make her think damn he's taking it back and then compeltely surprise her and throw her off when im actually there to do the opposite and make a statement of how much i care. im posting a vote but also comments would be much appreciated!
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  • I think plan A because by calling and asking for the necklace she will think you are over her and ready to give the necklace to someone else. Then when you start putting the necklace on her she will be even more suprised then planned. So i think Plan A is the way to go.


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What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on what caused your break up


What Guys Said 3

  • What if she wants to sell your necklace? Or already did so?

    Well, in any case, let us know how it went.

  • Plan A if you msut go through with it.

    • I must. And ok care to give your reasoning behind why you feel that one is best?

    • Because the other two really, really dumb. It's the least of the evils.

  • Plan D which is no


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