Was I in the wrong, as I'm being to wonder? My ex thinks I am.

A girl I was with for circa 2 years broke you with over the phone. She said she was unhappy and dint want to do this anymore. The day before we were off on holiday together which she had asked us both to take off work. Anyway I guess that's doesn't matter.

All she said was she was unhappy, didn't know why and wanted to end it. She wants us to be friends when we are both over this. I accepted it and said I need to go and think/clear my head. I was in shock as I didn't see it coming.

I then here a week later she is sleeping with other guys in town.

This hurt me. It felt to me like a had been dumped over the phone by a girlfriend of 2 years, with little explanation and then to hear she was sleeping about a week later really hurt.

Should I of felt like this?

At the end of the day she ended it with me, so she was entitled to do what she wanted but it felt to me id been dropped, with barely an explanation by a girl I was seeing for 2 years and had talked about buying a house with and our future only months before.

Am I wrong to feel like this? I know I have know choice in the matter and what she does, She was entitled to do as she pleases.

But should it of hurt me? Should I of felt wronged to be dumped by a girl you were seeing for 2 years and she is sleeping about a week later?

Or is she right...

She emailed me a few weeks later and told me to get over us, she doesn't love me or miss me and she is sleeping with some guy and it had nothing to do with us breaking up. Get over us! She is the happiest she has ever been now I'm not in her life and if I ever mention my sob story again to anyone id be sorry.

I though jeez I'm only a bit upset/confused at a girl I was seeing for 2 years and lieing in bed with a few weeks before would do that to me.

Or is it me? I know she has no responsibility to me once it was ended but I at least thought she cared for me, after all we were together for 2 years.

To intentionally try and hurt someone like that has blown me away. Why would you intentionally try and hurt someone like that who has been part of your life for that long and is maybe a bit upset/ confused a few weeks after you split up.

To have a girl you were seeing for that long and were lying in bed with only a few weeks before say to you, haha it is true I am sleeping with this guy, get over it and don't ever contact me again. (thats the thing I hadn't even been in contact with her, id only asked her friend why she was being so insensitive and horrible, and she emails me all this hurtful crap!) I'm the happiest I've ever been as your not weighing me down like the embarrassment you are! If you ever speak to my friends again you'll be sorry etc etc.

It has blown me away, I was lying in bed with her a few weeks before and walking round a zoo with her.

My friends say she has got issues, but she said it with such hatred in this email it really has hurt me. She basically said haha, get over it and see you around! Its a hard one to take
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*broke up with me over the phone

Also, we are mid twenty year lod adults for heavens sake. Its honestly like something from back in school but it hurts all the same.
Was I in the wrong, as I'm being to wonder? My ex thinks I am.
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