Why did my ex move on so fast?

me and this guy have been dating for 2 years and we had a lot of arguements in our relationship but after ONE month we broke up, he had a fiance!! like how the hell can a guy be engaged with someone after a month he broke up with his gf? and he is 18 like why would he marry someone at such a young age? and he blocked me everywhere and he doesn't love me anymore :( he claims he was in love with me but i call BS because he moved so fast and he doesn't want me in his life anymore :( even tho i was his first love and his first girlfriend :(


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  • He was fake to you the whole time.. he definitely was planning to dump you and get with this new girl. I know for a fact that they were talking when you guys were together. Dont feel so bad though.. the same thing happened to me , i fell for a guy and then after we had sex he completely blocked me and cut me off. I was heartbroken why he could be so cruel to me ! The best thing we can both do is move on. I know it's tough but its for the best of us. why be with someone who doesn't like you anyway? We our still on our journey and I promise there are plenty of fish in this sea (:

  • Chances are this is some kind of rebound relationship. He is 18, got engaged to a girl after just one month. None of this suggests that he's actually really serious. He might think that he is, but that this relationship will last (or even the marriage take place) is highly unlikely.

    Nobody moves on after just one month, and nobody sane gets engaged after just one month, especially at that age. He will come to his senses soon.

    He has probably blocked you because he cannot handle being in touch at the moment. That doesn't mean that there won't come a time when you two can try to establish a friendship. But as hard as it is, after a relationship ends, both parties need to have some distance from each other. Also, I am sure he was in love with you. Don't take his current actions to heart too much, they don't reflect how he felt about you in the past.

    • What do u mean by "he can't handle being in touch at the moment" ? and im confused because the last time we saw eachother he gave me one more last kiss even though he was already married to her he cheated on her and gave me one more kiss and i messaged him and all he said was "i am married now" and then he blocked me :( i feel like he doesn't even want me in his life anymore :( because he most likely will never message me again since he blocked me everywhere:(

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    • We have all felt that way before, in fact most of us do each time a relationship ends. It always feels a bit like it's the end of the world. There have been times when I thought I'd never move on or find someone new, but I always did. Realistically and objectively you know that you being ugly, guys not being interested in you, you being alone forever etc. is all nonsense. But like I say, it's normal to be in the place where you are now. One day you will have moved on, but it will unfortunately hurt now for a while. Trust me, one day you will be with a new guy and you'll look back and you will not be able to understand why you felt down, and will think it would have been so much easier if you had known what's in your future. Rest assured that there will be someone new and that the pain will go away. As for guys not talking to you, do you give them a chance to talk to you? Are you open and approachable?

    • yes i been starting to talk to guys first but they only talk to me when i talk to them. other than that, they never ever talk to me! & yeah i know its normal for people but usally people have other people to date. but i dont :( to be honest i dont even have any male friends at all right now:( i try making some but they all just ignore me :( its probably because im too boring or too ugly :( i mean if i dont have any male friends at all right now, what makes u think ill have any in the future? :( i am soo fed up with this songle life right now. i just need at least a rebound relationship or at least ONE male friend that i can crush on. but guess what? I dont have male friends! soo im basically stuck being single & lonely & depressed knowng that my ex moved on & im still single & lonely :(

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