How do you feel when an ex returns something to you? How do you feel when you return something to your ex?

Pretty much what the question is asking. My ex hasn't returned anything to me (not that I'm asking him to) so I wouldn't know how to feel but I've tried returning some things to him for closure. They weren't really expensive, just things like sweaters and shirts that he allowed me to borrow. It was bittersweet but when I tried to, he told me to keep them instead.

How do you feel when you / your ex tries to return something? (Relieved? Sad? Nothing?)

Did anything ever stop you from returning something to your ex?


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  • Okay it depends on who broke up with who. If I broke up with him I would not feel anything if he returns something to me. But if he broke up with me I would feel sad, it's almost like a final goodbye gesture.


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