Is this weird or is this the norm?

A girl I was with for 18 months broke it off with me. I thought id leave her for a few days and I dropped her an email saying hey, this as come as a bit of a shock, any chance we can chat about things, how long you been unhappy for?etc

I guess I wanted to talk about this a bit more really as I feel I was cut off pretty sharply with a brief conversation over the phone. Without much explanation, or time to think or speak.

My ex of like a few days who id been with for 18+months responded basically,who are you? why are you emailing? Why are you aggravating me? Look I've told you I'm unhappy and that's it.

I thought fair enough and was a bit taken back by it tbh.

Is that normal for her to act like that?

If that was the other way round I think I would of said hey, how you doing, and answered her questions politely. From my point of view it would of been, even though it was over, you were part of my life for 2 years and I still care about how your feeling. And want to know you are OK?

Is it weird for her to just cut someone off like that. And draw a line under it as if it never happened.

I understand she was the one who ended it but was totally taken back by the change of attitude in literally days, to what almost seemed nasty.

In general, I guess people deal with things in different ways but I was really really shocked at the coldness of her. All I thought I was doing was talking it out with a girl id been with for 18months so we could both get closure and put it behind us and move on.

She basically acknowledge me like a total stranger. It was really frustrating as I was lying in bed with her a few days before. It felt really weird, is that normal?

I guess she wanted to end it, and never want to speak about it ever again, except the brief your dumped phone call I got.

That's the last I ever seen of her. Its a shame I miss her and thought we could have been friends if wed of spoke about it properly and put it to bed.
Is this weird or is this the norm?
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